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Meet Hopewell

Hopewell Therapeutics is discovering, synthesizing, and developing the next generation of tissue-targeted lipid nanoparticles (ttLNPs) to bring genomic medicines to patients. We’re pursuing opportunities to redefine the non-viral delivery space for novel genomic medicines by designing systemically administered LNPs to specifically target extrahepatic tissues and cells throughout the body. Hopewell has built a robust intellectual property portfolio with an expansive library of ionizable lipids and has established partnerships with several industry leading companies. We’re developing our own internal pipeline, initially targeting diseases of the lung, while concurrently exploring the potential of our ttLNP platform for patients with unmet needs in oncology, infectious diseases, rare genetic diseases and neurological disorders.

Our History

Our ttLNP platform was transformed by a decade of research and foundational intellectual property from Tufts University, where our Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Qiaobing Xu, Ph.D., is a professor of Biomedical Engineering. Hopewell holds exclusive licenses to the Tufts-derived ttLNP intellectual property estate for use in a broad field of clinical and commercial applications.

Our Executive Team

The Hopewell team is comprised of talented, driven and passionate scientists and accomplished industry leaders with deep expertise in next generation LNP delivery systems and building successful biopharma companies.


Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Scientific Officer

qiaobing xu_edited.jpg

Founder, Chief Technology Officer; Professor, Tufts University


Chief Operating Officer

Headshot GAS_edited.jpg

Chief Business Officer

Board of Directors

Louis Brenner

Chief Executive Officer

Qiaobing Xu

Scientific Founder and
Chief Technology Officer

Howie Rosen

Executive Chairman

Tom Hennessey III

Mass Ave Capital

Ted Jing

5Y Capital

Jake Xia

Harvard Management Company

Scientific Advisors

Institute Professor, MIT

Professor, Harvard Medical School

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